Haggleton (Dream World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Haggleton in the Dream World.

On Your First Visit

  • Sell the goods that Mayor Spindell handed you earlier. There are two tents in Haggleton. Each tent has a merchant who will buy the goods. The merchants are brothers named Bill and Buck. Talk to Bill and decline his offer at this rate. Then talk to Buck as well to be offered for a higher price. Don't sell the stuffs yet. Repeat talking to Bill then Buck, until the price gets no longer higher. Sell the stuffs there to fetch some money.
  • Purchase the Thief's key from a merchant in the left tent. Talk to the merchant then decline the price he offers for the key, and the price will go down to as low as 200 gold coins. Buy the Thief's key for 200 gold coins. The key enables you to open doors in the inn. Open the door with Thief's key to find Big Book of Beasts.
  • Visit Cliff the crownsmith's house. It's at the northwest of Haggleton.
  • Talk to Cliff's daughter. She will ask you to look for her father in the west woods.
  • Leave Haggleton and go west to find the woods. Go into the woods.
  • You will find Cliff the crownsmith about to fall off from the edge of cliff. Speak to him and you will save him, at the cost of yourself falling into the chasm instead.
  • You'll find yourself near Wellshire after falling from the upper world.

After Rescuing Cliff

  • Visit Haggleton again to see Cliff the crownsmith safe in his house. Cliff is smithing the Spirit crown. When you talk to him, he'll give you the Spirit's Crown for free.
  • Go back to Weaver's Peak with the Spirit crown.