Thief (Standard Vocation)

Thief is a Standard Vocation in Dragon Quest 6.

About Thief

  • A Thief learns abilities with which you can detect a Castle or a Town, and even tell the number of treasure chests nearby. A Thief can also learn abilities to support party members in battles.
  • The Thief is a relatively agile vocation, but their attribute bonuses other than Agility are poor.
  • The abilities the Thief learns is not indispensable on your journey. After all, you can find castles, towns and treasure chests without the Thief's abilities if you look around carefully. And the supporting abilities Thieves learn are less useful than what Martial Artist, Mage and Priest can learn in battles.
    However, if you want to turn a party member other than Hero into the Hero, you need to go through the Thief. It's necessary to master the Ranger before taking up the Hero, and the Ranger requires the Thief to be mastered.

Thief Spell & Ability

Level Rank Spell & Ability
1 Pickpocket Sandstorm
2 Purse Snatcher Eye for Distance
3 Pilferer Stone's Throw
4 Henchman Shove
5 Cat Burglar Storeyteller
6 Criminal Genius Padfoot

Thief Attribute Bonus & Penalty

Attribute Bonus / Penalty
Strength -10%
Agility +20%
Resilience -30%
Wisdom -10%
Style -20%
Maximum HP -10%
Maximum MP -40%