Swanstone (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Swanstone in the Real World.

On Your First Visit

  • Come down to the Real World from the well near Clearvale. Go southeast to find a castle. Enter the castle Swanstone.
  • Visit the throne room, which is located on the second floor of the castle.
  • King Ludwig van Swanstone is absent, so talk to the chancellor instead. You can pass through the corridors leading to the Chamber of the Mirror after talking to the chancellor.
  • Go north on the first floor passing by a guard. Then turn either right or left to find a stairway. Go down the stairway and make your way to the middle room. This is the Chamber of the Mirror.
  • When you examine the chamber's door, you will hear King Ludwig talking to the princess trapped in the mirror. After overhearing King Ludwig's lone conversation, the King comes out of the chamber. Follow him to the throne room.
  • Talk to the King Ludwig. The King will ask you to bring any information about Ra's Mirror. Talk to the King again and tell him that you've already obtained the Ra's Mirror. Follow the King to the Chamber of the Mirror.
  • Use the Ra's Mirror right in front of the Mirror with the trapped princess. A sorcerer will appear behind the princess.
  • Follow King Ludwig to the throne room again. King Ludwig will inform you that the sorcerer's name is Spiegel. Talk to the chancellor to know where Spiegel is said to reside.
  • Go up to the Dream World. Head for the enormous desert located at the southern part of the World Map. You can use your flying bed to reach there this time. In the desert, you will find a tower in which Spiegel has its nest. Enter the tower, Spiegelspire.

After Defeating Spiegel

  • Visit the throne room to see King Ludwig. Talk to the King and follow him to the Chamber of the Mirror.
  • When King Ludwig casts a spell before the Mirror, the curse on the princess Miralda will finally be lifted.
  • Return to the throne room to talk to King Ludwig. You will be rewarded with the Floodgate key.
  • Leave Swanstone and get on the Providence. Sail south to find the floodgate. It will automatically open as you reach now that you've got the Floodgate Key from King Ludwig.