Clearvale (Dream World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Clearvale in the Dream World.

On Your First Visit

  • Come to the Dream World from the well inside the shrine near Howcastle. Go southeast to find a town called Clearvale.
  • Talk to the townspeaple to learn about the flying bed.
  • When you visit the northeast house, the entrance door is locked and you can't get in. A gravestone stands beside the house.
  • Leave Clearvale and head to the southwest. Go down to the Real World from the stairway to visit real Clearvale.

After Sleeping in Mattew's Bed

  • Mattew's bed will soar up into the air and fly around Clearvale. Listen to Mattew, who will give you the Flying Bed.
  • Now you can cross the ocean on the Flying Bed, even without the floating island you'd previously obtained. You can travel more safely on the bed because monsters don't show up while you are flying.
  • Head northwest on the Flying Bed to find a well. Descend from the bed, then peer into the well. Inside the well, there are a house and another well. Peer into the well and you'll be in the Real World.