Howcastle (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Howcastle in the Real World.

On Your First Visit

  • Get on the floating island from the pier near Aridea in the Dream World. Sail to the south part of the ocean. Get off the floating island at the isle with a stairway leading down to the Real World. Take this stairs down to the Real World.
  • Go east and pass the checkpoint. You'll be in the realm of Howcastle. Go southwest to find Howcastle. Enter the castle.
  • Go upstairs to the throne room. Talk to King Howell and he calls his son Prince Howard. It turns out that Prince Howard is nowhere to be seen.
  • Search for Prince Howard in the castle. First, go down to the basement corridor. Then take stairs at the northwest of the corridor. The stairway leads to Prince Howard's private room.
  • In Prince Howard's private room, talk to a kid admiring the Prince's good skill of hide-and-seek. The kid informs you that Prince Howard can hide into a barrel.
  • Return to the entrance of the castle. There are six barrels at the top-right chamber of the floor. Break the barrels one by one to find Prince Howard.
  • Take Prince Howard to the throne room and he will join your party, though he doesn't take part in battles. When you leave the throne room, Prince Howard will run off.
  • Return to the basement corridor and go south. Exit the basement by the end of the corridor. You will find Prince Howard there outside. Prince Howard joins your party again.
  • Leave the castle from the entrance. Go south to find the cave Hallowed Hollow. When you enter Hallowed Hollow, Prince Howard will run away again.

After Prince Howard Obtains the Proof of Passage

  • Enter the throne room to see King Howell again. After Prince Howard shows the Proof of Passage to the King, they hold a banquet.
  • Wake up at the bedroom in Howcastle. Talk to King Howell in the throne room. The king will give you the Magic Key. You can open certain doors around Howcastle and Hallowed Hollow with the Magic Key.
  • Visit Prince Howard's private room via the basement corridor. Open the door at the bottom of the room with the Magic Key. Getting out of the castle, you'll notice Goowain the Slimeknight. Talk to Goowain and tell him you need him. Goowain will join your party on the spot.
  • Leave Howcastle and go southwest. Open the shrine entrance with the Magic Key. Go into the shrine and peer into the well inside. A Scarewell will appear, so defeat it. After defeating the Scarewell, peer into the well again to get to the Dream World.