Spiegelspire (Dream World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Spiegelspire in the Dream World.


On Your First Visit

  • Cast the spell "Peep" in front of the entrance door. The door will open.
  • On the first floor, there are four stairways. Go upstairs from the southwest stairway.
  • On the second floor, you go through the narrow ledge surrounding the floor. If you step out of the ledge, you'll fall on the ground out of the dungeon. So be careful not to step in the wrong way. Take the northeast stairs to the next level.
  • On the third floor, you will find the spiral staircase leading you to Spiegel's residence. Go up the stairs to find the last stairway. Take stairs and you will be in front of Spiegel's cabin.
  • Go into the cabin. Talk to the sorcerer Spiegel gazing at himself on the mirror.
  • Defeat the boss Spiegel.
    Note that Spiegel's Magic Bound reflects Magic-based attacks casted by your party members. Your spell will be casted back at yourself by the Bound reflector. During the battle, Spiegel will call for backups and summon his servant Djinxs. Although up to two Djinxes can stay by Spiegel's side at the same time, Spiegel can call the Djinx only one by one.
    If you defeat a Djinx before you defeat Spiegel, then Spiegel calls for backups and the Djinx will reappear. So focus your attacks mainly upon Spiegel, and attack the Djinxes only when you manage to.
  • After defeating Spiegel, head back for Swanstone in the Real World.