Teacher Searching for Zelda

The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks sidequest. Teacher Searching for Zelda.

Teacher Searches for Princess Zelda

  • After defeating Byrne at Tower of Spirits, Zelda's teacher begins to search for her. He is waiting for someone to pick him up on a train to embark on a journey in search of her. Talk to the teacher, who will be in disguise, at the station of Castle Town. Take him to the station he tells you to receive the fare. He'll pay 100 rupees this time.
  • You'll find this teacher somewhere in the world next time. When you come across the teacher, give him a ride to where he wants to go, to receive 300 rupees for his fare.
  • Zelda's teacher reappears over and over again as long as you keeps finding him. You can receive 300 rupees many times if you like, so keep your eyes peeled for the teacher.