Force Gem Quest - Whittleton Villager's Ax

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Force Gem Quest, Whittleton Villager's Ax.


Quest Data

What Is Required 5 beams of iron
Location Goron Village - Whittleton
Where New Tracks Appear western part of Forest Realm


  • Visit Whittleton lumber store after you visited Dark Ore Mine. Talk to the man by the lumber and he'll ask you to bring him more than 5 beams of iron.
  • Visit Goron Village to purchase the iron. They sell Goron Iron at the store in the west section of the village. The store is to the north of the post.
  • After purchasing 20 beams of Goron Iron for 100 rupees, carry them to Whittleton, then talk to the man who wants the iron. You will receive a Force Gem, this time enhancing the tracks at the west of Forest Realm.