Force Gem Quest - Lineback Wants Dark Ore

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Force Gem Quest, Lineback Wants Dark Ore.


Quest Data

What Is Required 5 lumps of Dark Ore
Location Dark Ore Mine - Trading Post
Where New Tracks Appear


  • After you visited Dark Ore Mine, visit Trading Post and talk with Lineback áV. Answer Lineback's question "Nothing." and he'll tell you he wants some Dark Ore.
  • Lineback áV actually wants five of them. When you deliver more than five lumps of Dark Ore, he'll reward you by giving away the Force Gem. You can still receive a Big Green Rupee (worth 100 rupees) when you deliver less than five, but can't obtain the Force Gem.
  • The Dark Ore melts when exposed to sunlight. After loading the Dark Ore on your Freight Car, the number of it will begin to decrease while you are traveling any places other than inside caves. You must go through the cave to the south of Dark Ore Mine in order to deliver more than five Dark Ore to Trading Post.
  • Before delivering the Dark Ore from Dark Ore Mine to Trading Post, you must defeat the Boss in the cave to the south of the mine. It's a crab-like monster and you've already defeated one in Snow Realm when you first visited Snow Sanctuary. Defeat the Boss before you exit the cave.
  • After defeating the Boss in the cave, visit Dark Ore Mine and purchase 10 lumps of Dark Ore for 200 rupees. Embark on journey and go south through the cave, which should be now clear of the Boss. When you reach Ocean Realm, turn left to find a Warp Gate. Activate the Warp Gate by the whistle and go through it to appear at the west of Ocean realm. Then travel safely to Forest Realm, and to Trading Post. When you take damage from an attack by pirates and monsters, the number of the remaining Dark Ore will decrease by one. You must stay clear of enemy attacks, or you can't deliver five of them to Trading Post.