Joshua 4th day

TWEWY Walkthrough - The 4th day (Joshua) walkthrough, hints and guide.

Scramble Crossing

  • You wake up at Scramble Crossing. Watch a cutscene.
  • You can explore 104 Building, Dogenzaka, A-East, and Shibukyu Main Store.
  • Head to Center St. Entrance.

Center St. Entrance

  • Talk to the Reaper standing at the north end. He wants you to bring a Sexy +. It's a Pin dropped by Noise No.59.
  • Noise No.59 appears at West Exit Bus Terminal. First Go back to Scramble Crossing, then leave the area by the southwest exit to reach Statue of Hachiko.

Statue of Hachiko

  • Speak to the Reaper at the top-left corner. He tells you to defeat 10 of the Noise symbols that inhabit this area. You can defeat them either separately or by chain battle. When the area runs out of Noise symbols, just go to Scramble Crossing and immediately come back to this area to find more Noise to fight.
  • After beating 10 Noise symbols, talk to the Reaper to go to West Exit Bus Terminal.

West Exit Bus Terminal

  • You must obtain Sexy + here. Set your difficulty to Easy. Scan around the area to find Noise symbols that look like small faces. Touch them to engage Noise No.59 in chain battle. In chain battles, there's more possibility that Noise monsters will drop pins. Fight chained battles until you get a Sexy +.
  • Return to Center St. Entrance and show the Reaper the Sexy +. The Reaper lets you pass, so proceed to AMX.


  • Speak to the Reaper standing at the west end. He wants you to fight a 4 chain reduction battle. Scan around the area and touch 4 Noise symbols in succession to be engaged in 4 reduction chain battle.
  • After you did the battle, talk to the Reaper again to have him clear the invisible wall. Proceed to Tipsy Tose Hall.

Tipsy Tose Hall

  • Watch a cutscene. 777's team seems to have trouble.
  • Examine a pile of trash. Watch a scene.
  • Speak to 777 to learn his mic has gone missing. Watch a following scene.
  • You can drop by Stride, where you can play Tin Pin Slammer with Shooter. You get a new pin if you win.
  • Head for Spain Hill to find Tenho. You can go to Spain Hill by the northeast exit.

Spain Hill

  • Meet Tenho, the Reaper in red hood at the east end. Ask Tenho about 777's mic and his alibi.
  • Head to Scramble Crossing to find BJ.

Scramble Crossing

  • You find BJ, the Reaper in black hood at the southeast of Scramble Crossing. Question BJ about the mic and his alibi.
  • Head to Molco to investigate the public phone. You can go to Molco via Shibukyu Dept. Store and Cadei City.


  • Meet Sota and Nao, who are also Reaper's Game players. Receive a golden Pin from Nao.
  • Examine the public phone near Molco. Watch a cutscene.
  • Head back to Scramble Crossing again to meet BJ.

Scramble Crossing

  • Talk to BJ again and question about his alibi. BJ goes back to Tipsy Tose Hall.
  • Return to Tipsy Tose Hall, now where 777, BJ, and Tenho should be waiting.

Tipsy Tose Hall

  • Speak to 777. Watch a cutscene, then show the third photo to 777.
  • After an ensuing scene, tell them who is the theif that took 777's mic. The correct answer is "Neither 777, BJ, nor Tenho".
  • Watch a cutscene. Tenho lets you pass. Proceed to Shibu-Q Heads.

Shibu-Q Heads

  • You meet Beat when you first come to Shibu-Q Heads. You can't defeat him here, but you must either survive for a certain length of time or do a certain points of damage to Beat.
  • You can shop at Shibu-Q Heads. It's a department store.
  • Proceed to Udagawa Back Street.

Udagawa Back Street

  • Drop by Cyco Records, a CD shop alongside Udagawa Back Street. Find GM and other Reapers here. Watch a cutscene.
  • Leave Cyco Records. If you want to buy some CDs, immediately go back into the shop. This time no Reapers appear, so that you can actually buy CDs.
  • Joshua is standing at the north of the area, in front of CAT's graffiti. Talk to Joshua and scan him. Watch a cutscene. Proceed to Joshua The 5th day.