Joshua 5th day

TWEWY Walkthrough - The 5th day (Joshua) walkthrough, hints and guide.

Scramble Crossing

  • Wake up at Scramble Crossing. Today you still seem to have no missions at all. Joshua wants to visit Mr. Hanekoma.
  • You can explore Statue of Hachiko, West Exit Bus Terminal, and Station Underpass. You find a Pig Noise symbol at the bottom-left corner of West Exit Bus Terminal area. It requires a Pin called Ichimonji to beat the Pig Noise. The Pig Noise drops a Nikkai when beaten, which works the same as Ichimonji but is superior in attack.
  • You can also traverse 104 Building, Dogenzaka, A-East and Shibukyu Main Store.
    When you enter 104 department store, Joshua tells you some trivia about 104 Building.
    Joshua also tells you about Dogenzaka when you enter the area. Drop by Ramen Don and buy a bowl of Shio Ramen, which will be useful later.
  • When you try to enter Center St. Entrance to head for Cat Street, Reapers called Kariya and Uzuki appear. They place a wall between Scramble Crossing and Center St. Entrance, so that you must visit Cat Street via Shibukyu Dept. Store.
  • In order to proceed to Shibukyu Dept. Store, you must change the trend in Scramble Crossing. You must bring D+B to the top of brand chart. Wear all D+B threads in your wardrobe, and equip as many Pins by D+B brand as possible. If you have no clothes designed by D+B, visit 104 Building and shop at D+B. Note that most of the items sold at D+B require a high bravery to wear. There are some items like Black Skinny Jeans that are relatively easy to put on, so make sure if the items you're planning on buying are actually fit for Neku or Joshua.
  • When you meet the Reaper's demand, proceed to Shibukyu Dept. Store.

Shibukyu Dept. Store

  • Speak to the Reaper standing at the east end. The Reaper wants you to bring a bowl of Shio Ramen. If you don't have one, go fetch it at Ramen Don, a Ramen restaurant alongside Dogenzaka.
  • Show a bowl of Ramen Don to the Reaper and proceed to Cadoi City.

Cadoi City

  • The exit to Molco is completely blocked, so you must proceed to Towa Records.
  • The Reaper guarding the exit to Towa Records asks you three questions. Answer them without any mistakes and you'll pass. The questions are about Ramen Don. The three answers are "Ken Doi", "Insta-noodles", and "580 yen".
  • After the Reaper clears the wall, go to Towa Records.

Towa Records

  • The Reaper standing at the north end tells Neku to get dressed in Mus Rattus from head to toe. You need a hat, top, bottom, and accessory or a pair of shoes by Mus Rattus brand. If you don't have either of them, go buy one at Mus Rattus store in Cadei City.
  • Wear four clothes or other equipments by Mus Rattus and speak to the Reaper to have him clear the wall. Proceed to Miyashita Park Underpass, then go to Miyashita Park.

Miyashita Park

  • Speak to the Reaper at the east end. The Reaper challenges you with Noise. He takes all your Pins temporarily before the battle begins, and instead lends you two of his Pins. You must use these two Pins during battle, whose psych can be activated by blowing into the mic on Nintendo DS System. Be aware that you're fighting without your usual Pins, therefore you have no means of restoring HP.
  • After you defeat the Noise, the Reaper clears the wall. Proceed to Cat Street.

Cat Street

  • There is a Pig Noise symbol floating over Jupiter of the Monkey brand shop. You must defeat this Pig Noise within 10 seconds.
    Set two or three pins that can effectively deal much damage right from the beginning of the battle. Wear a Pin that adds some extra uses to finite-type Pins, so that you can do more damage on the Pig by a Pin. There's no time for rebooting, so it's pretty useful.
    If you still have trouble beating the Pig Noise, have a look at brand chart and make sure your clothes and Pins match trend in Cat Street. You should also consider doing some leveling up, which is recommended not only for defeating the Pig Noise here, but other Noise monsters get tougher day by day.
  • Visit Wildkat, Mr. Hanekoma's Cafe. Have you and Joshua's cell phone fixed.
  • Head back to Miyashita Park Underpass.

Miyashita Park Underpass

  • You meet Beat when you come back to Miyashita Park Underpass. Do a certain amount of damage on Beat and he takes off.
  • Head back to Scramble Crossing. Before you return to Scramble Crossing, now you can explore Molco, Spain Hill, Tipsy Tose Hall, AMX, Shibu-Q Heads, and Udagawa Back Streets.

Scramble Crossing

  • Watch a cutscene. Head for Station Underpass via Statue of Hachiko and West Exit Bus Terminal.

Station Underpass

  • When you reach the right end of the area, some Taboo Noise monsters appear. Defeat them all.
  • Watch a cutscene and proceed to Joshua The 6th Day.