Joshua 3rd day

TWEWY Walkthrough - The 3rd day (Joshua) walkthrough, hints and guide.

Scramble Crossing

  • Wake up at Scramble Crossing. Receive a mission mail from Reaper. You must visit Cat Street this time. Watch a cutscene.
  • First you must go to Cadei City. You can reach Cadei City either via Shibukyu Dept. Store or Center St. Entrance, AMX, Tipsy Tose Hall, Spain Hill and Molco. The latter takes more time, still you can do some shopping along the way.

Cadei City

  • Talk to the Reaper blocking the way. Defeat three of the Noise symbols that match the Reaper's demand. Speak to the Reaper again to have him get rid of the wall.
  • Leave Cadei City by the east exit to appear in Towa Records.

Towa Records

  • Go north to reach Miyashita Park Underpass.

Miyashita Park Underpass

  • The Reaper at the east end tells you to bring a certain kind of Pin. Set your difficulty to Normal and defeat Noise No.56 until it drops the Pin on demand.
  • Show the Reaper the Pin. Proceed to Miyashita Park.

Miyashita Park

  • Go east and proceed to Cat Street.

Cat Street

  • You can do some shopping at Jupiter of the Monkey, a fashion store that sells items by Jupiter of the Monkey brand.
  • Visit Wildkat, a Cafe whose keeper is Mr. Hanekoma. Hanekoma upgrades you and Joshua's phones. You can also have a cup of coffee and other food items at Wildkat.
  • Leave Wildkat and watch a cutscene.
  • Return to Miyashita Park.

Miyashita Park

  • There is a poster near the center of the area. Scan around the poster to find a blue Noise symbol. Touch it to begin the fight against a Noise monster that looks like a nine-tailed fox.
    It turns into various things, such as other monsters, Neku, and a giant skeleton. While it appears to be a giant skeleton, it takes no damage from any attacks, so just stay away until it changes into a different form. The nine-tailed monster uses Fusion attacks that can do a number on Neku and Joshua. Always make sure that you have plenty of HP left, in case the nine-tailed fox unleashes its Fusion.
  • Return to Towa Records via Miyashita Park Underpass.

Towa Records

  • Meet Beat in front of Towa Records. You fight Beat, but can neither defeat him nor get defeated. Beat just leaves some seconds after the beginning of the battle.
  • Watch a cutscene. Go back to Scramble Crossing.

Scramble Crossing

  • To proceed to Statue of Hachiko, you have to answer three questions from the Reaper. The three answers are "Bouliabase", "Near Molco", and "Bach".

Statue of Hachiko

  • You can visit Shibukyu Stationside to the west of Statue of Hachiko.
  • You can also visit Station Underpass via Statue of Hachiko and West Exit Bus Terminal, though there is currently nothing notable.

Scramble Crossing

  • To visit 104 Building, you must change the trend in Scramble Crossing. Wear clothes and Pins by Natural Puppy brand, and keep fighting Noise until Natural Puppy becomes top brand on the trend chart. Then speak to the Reaper to go to 104 Building.
  • Jellyfish-like Noise monsters appear around this area. The monsters multiply in battles, so you must defeat it fast before they get too many.
  • When Natural Puppy comes at the top of the brand chart in Scramble Crossing area, talk to the Reaper guarding the entrance to 104 Building. The Reaper lets you pass.
  • You can shop at 104 Building. Go to Dogenzaka via 104 Building.


  • This time, you can finally buy stuffs at Cosmic Corner, the Second-hand shop alongside Dogenzaka.
  • You find a long line of people when you enter Dogenzaka. Follow the line into Shadow Ramen to get shoved out of the restaurant immediately.
  • Go to Ramen Don, another Ramen restaurant on the side of Dogenzaka. Scan the owner of Ramen Don, then defeat the orange Noise symbol that haunts him.
  • Follow the owner of Ramen Don into the restaurant. Watch a cutscene.
  • Return to Shadow Ramen to find Prince. Watch a cutscene and get out.
  • Go into Shadow Ramen once more and talk with a girl. Obtain a Meme "dessert".
  • Go back to Ramen Don to find the owner in front of his restaurant. Scan the owner to imprint "dessert" into his mind. Enter Ramen Don and watch a cutscene.
  • Leave Dogenzaka by the west exit to appear at A-East.


  • You find Prince and Mick in front of Concert Hall. Listen to their conversation. Mick leaves the place.
  • Prince's thought gets occupied with Noise. Scan Prince and defeat the orange Noise symbol to free Prince. After Prince leaves, you get a Meme "Simple".
  • You can do some shopping at Lapin Angelisque. You can also visit Concert Hall, though there's nothing inside.
  • Before you return to Dogenzaka, you should go to Shibukyu Main Store, where you can add an extra slot to your Pin Deck.
    Speak to the Reaper guarding the north end. The Reaper tells you to bring Supply Factor. Supply Factor is a kind of Pin dropped by Noise No.30, those monsters that look like red jellyfish.
    It can get a bit tricky. First set your difficulty to Hard. Then go back to Scramble Crossing and keep fighting until some Noise No.29, which are blue jellyfish appear. Let the blue jellyfish multiply a bit, so that some of them turn into red jellyfish. Defeat red jellyfish to obtain Supply Factor.
  • Come back to A-East and show Supply Factor to the Reaper. He lets you pass after providing a Hamburger and a 10000 yen pin.
  • Proceed to Shibukyu Main Store.

Shibukyu Main Store

  • Go into Dragon Couture. You can get a sticker that increases the number of Pins your deck holds by one.
  • You find Yammer and Shooter at the top-left corner of the area. Listen to their conversation to obtain a Meme, "Yellow".
  • When you're done with shopping, return to Dogenzaka.


  • Visit Ramen Don again and imprint "Simple" into the owner's mind. Follow him into the restaurant. Watch a cutscene.
  • Go out and watch a following scene. Proceed to Joshua The 4th day.