Joshua 2nd day

TWEWY Walkthrough - The 2nd day (Joshua) walkthrough, hints and guide.

Scramble Crossing

  • Wake up at Scramble Crossing. Watch a cutscene.
  • Scan Joshua. Watch another cutscene.
  • To visit 104 Building, you need to get dressed in clothes by Natural Puppy brand from head to toe. If you don't have any hats, tops, bottoms, or shoes by Natural Puppy, go buy them at Cadei City. You can visit Cadei City via Shibukyu Dept. Store.
  • Leave this area by the southeast exit to appear in Shibukyu Dept. Store.

Shibukyu Dept. Store

  • Speak to the Reaper at the east end to be told to defeat all Noise that haunt people's thoughts in this area.
  • First scan the eastern part of this area to find a Slammurai whose thought is drawing Noise. Defeat an orange Noise symbol.
  • The next Noise is in the western part. Find a businessman whose thought is occupied by Noise. Defeat another orange Noise symbol here.
  • Talk to the Reaper at the east end again. The Reaper lets you pass this time. Proceed to Cadei City.

Cadei City

  • You can buy clothes by Natural Puppy at Natural Puppy and Ie Grand. If you want to visit 104 Building today, buy some garments here and get dressed in them, then go back to Scramble Crossing to show your style to the Reaper guarding the entrance to 104 Building.
  • When you leave Cadei City to proceed to Molco, black Noise monsters attack you. You can't do any harm to this type of Noise monsters by any attacks but Fusion attack. Earn stars and use Fusion to defeat this type of Noise monsters.
  • Watch a cutscene and proceed to Molco.


  • Enter Molco building to participate in Tin Pin Slammer tournament.
  • First you meet Shooter. Shooter gives you some instructions. Practice Tin Pin Slammer with him. You can practice however many times.
  • Partake in Tin Pin Slammer competition. Even if you win the first battle, you can't win the second. Another participant succeeds in Reaper's mission, so don't worry.
  • Get out of the building and watch a cutscene. Receive two Pins from Joshua.
  • When you are about to leave this area by the south exit, the Game Master appears. Watch a following scene.
  • Proceed to Joshua The 3rd day.