Beat 4th day

TWEWY Walkthrough - The 4th day (Beat) walkthrough, hints and guide.

Miyashita Park Underpass

  • Wake up at Miyashita Park Underpass. Watch a cutscene. Beat shows you a box with a print shaped like a star on it.
  • You can find four !!! symbols in this area. Examine all four of them. Three of them are hint cards, which tell you how to open the boxes that contain keys. You can open a box when you arrange Noise symbols by defeating some of them in the order depicted on the corresponding hint card.
  • First you must open the box Beat is currently holding. Scan the area to find four Noise symbols. Defeat the top-left and bottom-right Noise symbols and talk to Beat to have him push the button. The box opens and Beat obtains the Lv1 key.
  • Remember what is drawn on the other two hint cards, each of which has some symbols respectively. Go to Miyashita Park.

Miyashita Park

  • You find the next box in the middle of the road. Then defeat four large robot-like Noise symbols and talk to Beat to open the box. Another box appears out of the one you opened.
  • This is the last box you must open. First scan Miyashita Park to see there are three Noise symbols. Defeat the Noise symbol at the center, leaving the others untouched.
  • Go to Miyashita Park Underpass to hunt down more Noise symbols.

Miyashita Park Underpass

  • Scan this area to find there are four Noise symbols in this area. Defeat the second from the both left and right. Speak to Beat and he opens the box. Beat obtains the Lv2 Key.
  • Proceed to Towa Records after watching a cutscene.

Towa Records

  • Scan the area. Watch a cutscene and meet a harrier Reaper, Kariya. Defeat the Boss, Kariya.
  • After you defeat Kariya, another Reaper Yashiro appears. Defeat the Boss, Kariya and Yashiro. You fight Kariya in the lower screen while Beat fights Yashiro in the upper screen.
  • Watch a cutscene and receive the Lv4 Keypin from Kariya. Proceed to Beat the 5th day.