Shiki 5th day

TWEWY Walkthrough - The 5th day (Shiki) walkthrough, hints and guide.

Tipsy Tose Hall

  • Wake up at Tipsy Tose Hall. Watch a cutscene and receive the mission mail from Reapers.
  • Go east and head to AMV.


  • Use scanning at the center of AMV area. Find a disturbed thought, which appears as a red unreadable icon. Touch the orange Noise that is flying around the disturbed thought. Defeat Noise to obtain 5000 yen pin and a Meme. The disturbed businessman leaves the place.
  • You can buy CDs and stickers at AMV. Purchase the leftmost CD for it will be useful later.
  • Return to Tipsy Tose Hall.

Tipsy Tose Hall

  • Speak to the Reaper standing at the top-right of the area. He tells you to defeat two large Noise symbols. Use scanning to find large Noise symbols. If you can't find any in this area, just go to AMV and immediately return to Tipsy Tose Hall, so that the distribution of Noise in Tipsy Tose Hall changes.
  • After you defeat two large Noise symbols, speak to the Reaper in the area again. The Reaper gets rid of the invisible wall behind it.
  • You can get a Meme in Tipsy Tose Hall. Go to the west of the area to find a businessman deep in thought. Examine him, then help him carry out the Reaper Creeper. Touch and slide the coin to the white letter. You must move the coin very slowly till the end, or you'll have to do it from the beginning again. When you succeed in helping out the businessman, you get a Meme "Reaper Creeper".
  • Go to Spain Hill by the northeast exit.

Spain Hill

  • You can drop by Mexican Dog. It's a fast food restaurant.
  • Speak to the Reaper standing at the east end. He asks you to bring him a CD for salvation. Hand him the CD sold at AMV. The invisible wall behind him disppears and you can go to Molco by the east exit.


  • You can go shopping at Molco. This department store contains four stores:
    Funky Fashions Sheep Heavenly, a fashion store
    Basic & Casual Mus Rattus, a fashion store
    Punky Ensemble Tiger Punks, a fashion store
    Go Go Gear D+B Molco, a fashion store

Spain Hill

  • Erase some Noise to find two girls talking in front of Mexican Dog. Use scanning and defeat Noise symbols floating around the girls.
  • Imprint "Reaper Creeper" Meme into one of the two girl's mind. Help the girl carry out Reaper Creeper. Slide the coin to the letter that means white three times.
  • Defeat the Boss Noise monster, then meet the Game Master Higashizawa. Defeat another Boss Noise monster.
  • Watch a cutscene. Proceed to The 6th day.