Shiki 4th day

TWEWY Walkthrough - The 4th day (Shiki) walkthrough, hints and guide.

104 Building

  • You wake up in front of 104 department store. Talk with Shiki, Beat, and Rhyme. Beat and Rhyme leaves for Towa Records.
  • Go into 104 building. Meet Prince and watch a cutscene. Learn about Trend in Shibuya to make your style of battling more effective.
  • You can do some shopping in 104. There are four stores:
    Go Go Gear D+B 104, a fashion store
    B-Style Threads Wild Boar 104, another fashion store
    Basic & Casual Mus Rattus 1, another fashion store
    Lifestyles Select Ugada the Shop, yet another fashion store
  • Leave the building and go outside. After you learned about Trend in Shibuya, you can visit Scramble Crossing by the south exit.

Scramble Crossing

  • Talk to the red-hoodie at the southeast corner. The Reaper asks you to bring him two 1000 yen pins.
  • Use scanning and touch a frog-like symbol to begin the battle against Noise No.2. Noise No.2 is the one that looks like a blue frog. Defeat Noise No.2 until you obtain a 1000 yen pin. Then defeat Noise No.2 again to obtain another 1000 yen pin.
  • Return to the red hooded Reaper and show him two 1000 yen pins. He gets rid of the wall between Scramble Crossing and Shibuku Dept. Store.
  • You can visit Shibuku Dept. Store by the southeast exit.

Shibuku Dept. Store

  • Listen to the conversation between a businessman and a girl.
  • You can do some shopping in Shibuku Department Store building. The building contains three stores:
    Pegaso Atelier, an expensive mens fashion store
    Bel Airplane, an expensive ladies fashion store
    Mind & Body Foods, a grocery store
  • Go out of the building and talk to the red-hooded Reaper at the east end. He tells you to bring five 500 yen pins.
  • Defeat Noise monsters to collect five 500 yen pins. The wolf-like Noise and the grizzly bear-like Noise may drop 500 yen pins when the difficulty is set Normal.
    Go back to previous areas if you can't find enough Noise.
  • When you collect five 500 yen pins, return to the Reaper and show them to him. The Reaper clears the wall.
  • Proceed to Cadei Center by the east exit.

Cadei City

  • Beat and Rhyme have been waiting in front of Towa Records.
  • When you go through the top-right exit, Beat and Rhyme talk to you.
  • Head to Towa Records.

Towa Records

  • Watch a cutscene. Defeat small Noise monsters.
  • Defeat Boss Noise monster. The boss looks like a shark. While it swims underground, only its dorsal fin is visible. Pay attention to the Boss' move to dodge its attacks, for it stops just before it charges at you.
  • Watch a cutscene. Mr. Kamiyama takes Beat somewhere. Proceed to The 5th day.