Veilstone City

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Explore Veilstone City!

  • You should visit Veilstone Department store, the largest shopping mall in Sinnoh region. Veilstone Department store is located in the top-left corner of the platform near the center of the city. You can buy all kinds of goods at the department store. Items like Poffins, candies, and some berries can be bought nowhere else, so be sure to check all the floors.
  • You can fight Interviewers by the counter in the Pokemon Center. They do Multi Battle.
  • Receive Porygon from the man living in the house just to the north of the Pokemon Center. You need to have at least one free Pokemon slot in order to receive Porygon.
  • Visit the house to the south of the Veilstone Gym. Talk to the clown who lives there to play a game with him. The clown hides a coin in either of his hands, then asks you to pick one of his hands. If the hand you choose has a coin in it, the clown gives you the Coin Case.
  • There is a girl who does massage to one of your Pokemon once a day. She lives in a house next to the Clown's house. Her massage raises friendship between you and your Pokemon.

Beat Veilstone Gym!

  • The Veilstone Gym is located at the west end of the city.
  • Defeat Gym Leader Maylene to receive the Cobble Badge and TM Drain Punch.

Go to Route 214!

  • After beating the Veilstone Gym, go to the northwestern corner of Veilstone City. You find Lucas/Dawn has got into trouble with two Team Galactic Grunts. Team up with Lucas/Dawn and do a Tag Battle against two Galactic Grunts to let Lucas/Dawn reclaim his/her Pokedex.
  • Lucas/Dawn leaves after getting his/her Pokedex back from Team Galactic Grunts. Looker comes to investigate the Galactic warehouse. Follow Looker into the warehouse to obtain HM02 Fly.
  • Now that you've done everything you can do for now, there's no reason to stay in Veilstone City. The gate to Route 214 is near the southeast end of the town. Go through the gate to appear in a new area.

Barge into Team Galactic HQ!

  • After you meet Barry and Jupiter at Lake Aquity, go to the front of Team Galactic headquarters to meet Looker.
  • Go inside Team Galactic Warehouse to meet Looker again. Looker opens the entrance to the underground passageway.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Galactic Grunts Uses evil-looking Pokemon
Interviewers Do Multi Battle

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