Veilstone Gym

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Defeat Maylene!

  • You must move sand bags by punching them hard in order to make it to Maylene. Clear away every pile of tires blocking your way by hitting it with moving sand bags. Battle with as many trainers as possible along the way. Trainers in this Gym use Fighting-type Pokemon.
  • Maylene uses Meditite, Lucario, and Machoke. Note that even though Lucario is a Fighting-type Pokemon, it's also a Steel-type Pokemon, making Flying-type and Psychic-type Moves not super-effective against it.
  • Receive the Cobble Badge and TM Drain Punch from Maylene.

Used Pokemon List

Pokemon Note
Croagunk Black Belt
Lucario Gym Leader
Machoke Black Belt, Gym Leader
Machop Black Belt
Meditite Gym Leader

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Black Belt Uses Fighting-type Pokemon. Male counterpart of Battle Girl

[Veilstone Gym / Sinnoh Region]