Turnback Cave

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Get to End of Dungeon!

  • The entrance to Turnback Cave is beside the lake named Sendoff Spring. You can enter Turnback Cave after you beat the game.
  • The first room has a large pillar at the center. Read the guide written on the pillar to learn how to get to the final room.
  • Actually, you need to pass the room that has the large pillar at the center three times before you pass 30 rooms. The space is distorted in this dungeon, which makes it hard to tell which room you appear in next (e.g. Even if you go into the left entrance, and then proceed by the left entrance again, you might find yourself back in the first chamber).
  • If you enter the chamber that has the pillar at the center three times before entering thirty chambers, you can be sure to reach the final room. Go to the next chamber by any entrance and you are in the final chamber. Giratina awaits you there in case you didn't catch it in the depth of the Distortion World. On the other hand, you find the Rare Bone instead if you've already caught Giratina.
  • Examine the portal to go to Distortion World. This is another part of distortion world, where you couldn't reach when you first visited the world with Cynthia and Cyrus. Proceed until you find the Griseous Orb, then return to Turnback Cave by the portal.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Chimecho Walk in cave
Golbat Walk in cave

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note

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