Distortion World

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Go Down to Find Giratina!

  • Go down through the Distortion World to find Giratina. The gravity doesn't work like it does in the outer world, which makes it easy for you to get lost. If you find Giratina's shadow, the lake Pokemon, Cynthia, or Cyrus on the way, you should've chosen the right way. These things you encounter along the way serve as buoys to guide you to the bottom floor.
  • When you come across a boulder, use Strength to move it. Push the boulder until it falls to the lower level. Let all the three boulders fall, then go down to the lower level to find the boulders fallen on the floor. Push boulders to put them in the pits. Note that there are many fake pits that don't hold the boulders. You can easily tell which pits are fake, because the lake Pokemon stay only near the genuine pits. In other words, you should roll the boulders into those pits that have the legendary Pokemon beside them.
  • After putting all the three boulders into the pits, meet Cynthia once again and go down to an even lower level with her. Meet Cyrus and defeat him in a Pokemon battle, in which Cyrus uses Weavile, Honchkrow, Gyarados, and Crobat.
  • Find Giratina at the end of the path. Speak to Giratina twice to engage it in a Pokemon Battle. You must either defeat or capture Giratina. If you still have difficulty catching Giratina, you can simply defeat it for now. You have a chance to capture it after you beat the game anyway.
  • Leave the Distortion World with Cynthia by the portal to appear in Sendoff Spring.

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Giratina Awaits at the deepest point of the world

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