Route 230

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Return to Fight Area!

  • Route 230 is a water route that connects Route 229 to Fight Area.
  • If you came from Route 229, just head west using Surf until you reach the west coast. Continue west to return to Fight Area.
  • If you intend to go around in the Battle Zone counterclockwise and thus haven't entered Route 225, make sure before visiting here you get your Sinnoh Pokedex updated to National Pokedex. You can't surf across the water on Route 230 otherwise, because several people block the way until you get National Pokedex.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Oddish Walk in tall grass
Pelipper Walk in tall grass, Surf
Sealeo Surf
Spheal Surf

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
SwimmerI Uses mainly water-type Pokemon
SwimmerJ Uses mainly water-type Pokemon

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