Route 222

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Go East to Sunyshore City!

  • Head east until you reach Sunyshore City. Take the lower route along the shore if you don't want to battle many trainers. The upper route not only has many trainers, but also there are patches of tall grass in which you encounter some new Pokemon.
  • There are two houses alongside the shore, one of which being Pikachu Fan Club HQ, making the other Pokemon Size Contest.
    You find six Pikachu in the house of Pikachu Fan Club, but one of them is actually a Poke Kid disguised as Pikachu. The Poke Kid looks totally identical to the other real Pikachu, so speak to every Pikachu to battle with this trainer.
    In Pokemon Size Contest house, a Fisherman is waiting for someone to bring a large Remoraid. Bring some Remoraid to the Fisherman if you have any. The Fisherman will reward you when you bring Remoraid large enough to match his demand.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Electabuzz Walk in tall grass
Floatzel Walk in tall grass
Luxio Walk in tall grass
Tentacool Surf
Wingull Walk in tall grass

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Fisherman Uses Water-type fish Pokemon
Rich Boy Gives away large amounts of money when beaten
Sailor Uses Pokemon pertaining to Sailor
Tuber Uses Water-type Pokemon

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