Buried Relic

PMD BRT Walkthrough - Buried Relic walkthrough, Pokemon list, hints and guide.


  • Climb down the dungeon until you reach B15F. Defeat the first Boss, Regirock to obtain the Rock Part. Step on the Warp Zone to proceed to B16F.
  • When you reach B25F, Regice appears. Defeat the second Boss, Regice to obtain the Ice Part. Get out of the chamber by the Warp Zone and start from B26F.
  • Defeat the third Boss, Registeel on B35F to obtain the Steel Part. The Rock Part, Ice Part and Steel Part fuse into the Music Box.
  • While you hold the Music Box, Mew appears ramdomly. You need to have bought Mew's Friend area to befriend with Mew. Never use the Music Box, for when you use it, it breaks into pieces and disappears from your Toolbox.
    Note that Mew doesn't always befriend with you even if you beat it. You must defeat Mew over and over again until it wants to join you if you really want Mew in your team.
  • Shedinja is perhaps the most annoying enemy Pokemon you ever meet. You can't dispatch it without a move that is Super-Effective to Shedinja, or something to throw such as a Stick or a Gravelrock. If your team member don't have any moves that can kill Shedinja, be sure to pick up something to throw on your way.
    Shedinja produces as little as around 3 Exp. points when defeated, because it has very low HP. But no matter you're inclined to fight it or not, you must get rid of it anyway if it threatens your party members.
    Shedinja is a Ghost-type Pokemon and therefore can go through walls. It's even more irritating when it attacks from inside a wall.
  • You find locked white doors on your way. You need a key to open each of them, and inside you obtain a Hidden Machine.
  • Watch out for Monster Houses on your way.
  • Head down to B99F and take stairs to get out of Buried Relic.

Pokemon List

Species of Pokemon you encounter in Buried Relic.

Pokemon Type
Abra Psychic
Arbok Poison
Aron Rock/Steel
Ditto Normal
Drowzee Psychic
Elekid Electric
Gastly Ghost/Poison
Geodude Rock/Ground
Golbat Poison/Flying
Golem Rock/Ground
Graveler Rock/Ground
Gulpin Poison
Haunter Ghost/Poison
Hitmonchan Fighting
Hitmonlee Fighting
Hitmontop Fighting
Hypno Psychic
Kadabra Psychic
Machoke Fighting
Machop Fighting
Makuhita Fighting
Meditite Psychic/Fighting
Mew Psychic
Mr. Mime Psychic
Noctowl Normal/Flying
Porygon2 Normal
Raticate Normal
Rhyhorn Rock/Ground
Sandshrew Ground
Shedinja Bug/Ghost
Shiftry Grass
Sneasel Ice/Dark
Weezing Poison
Whismur Normal
Wobbuffet Psychic
Wynaut Psychic