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Characters you can recruite in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruite
Gordin Archer Talk to Gordin, the weaponless archer standing between the first and second door
Draug Knight Joins you after you beat prologue4

Walkthrough & Tips

  • You receive a Door Key from Malledus before the chapter begins.
  • First go east defeating Gra soldiers. Then open the first door with the Door Key Marth have.
  • Gordin, an Altean Archer is standing near the first door. He has no bows with him, so it's safe to get close to him. Talk to Gordin by Marth and he joins you immediately. You should have obtained an Iron Bow when you killed a Gra Archer. Hand Gordin the Iron Bow to make use of it.
  • Just after you befriend with Gordin and both you and the enemy's phase end, Gra reinforcements led by Jiol will appear at the southwest end of the area. They are too tough to fight for now. In order to cope with the situation, you must sacrifice one of your allies. You pick one of them as decoy to lure the soldiers. The unit used for decoy is gone for good, so think twice before determining who should die and select the decoy unit.
  • When you make up your mind, first give the decoy's items and equipments to other allies, otherwise they'll be lost forever. Then guide the decoy unit toward the southeast fort. Step on the fort space and select "decoy" to lure Gra soldiers. The reinforcements disappear from the map.
  • As the decoy unit disappears, the north door opens. Head north defeating Gra soldiers, and kill the boss Captain at the north end. Step on the yellow space and select "seize" to proceed to Chapter1 Marth Embarks.