Chapter1 Marth Embarks

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
The Isle of Talys Gazzak


Characters you can recruite in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruite
Caeda Peg Knight Joins at the beginning of the chapter
Wrys Curator Joins if Marth visits the southwest village

Walkthrough & Tips

  • Your troop is composed of Marth, Caeda, Draug, and four of the following: Abel, Cain, Frey, Jagen, or Gordin.
  • Go north, head southwest, and go north to take on the boss. The boss is waiting at the northwest corner.
    First defeat all the enemies in the eastern part. The enemy forces in the western area won't move until you proceed to the western terrain.
  • You can visit Armoury at the northeast of the area. You can buy some basic weapons.
  • Have Marth visit the SW village to recruite Wrys, whose class is the Curator. Wrys can heal your allies by his staff.
  • The boss, Gazzak is much tougher than other pirates, so be sure before you attack that you won't die in his counterattack. The sole weapon Gazzak has is a Steel Axe, so note that Gordin can attack the boss from a totally safe space with his Bow and arrow. You can even do nealy infinite leveling up as follows: attacking Gazzak by Gordin; ending your phase; watching Gazzak heal himself at the end of the turn. Do this every turn, and Gordin can gain levels free from harm as much as you like. If you do leveling up here, be sure you don't run out of your weapons. You might go so far as to breaking Gordin's Iron Bow. In this case, you can buy another Iron Bow at the Armoury.
  • After defeating the Boss, step on the yellow space and select "seize" to proceed to Chapter2 Pirates of Galder.