Chapter23 Dark Pontifex

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
The Temple of Thabes Gharnef (Sorcerer, Mini-Boss)
Khadein (, Boss)


Characters you can recruit in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruit
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Walkthrough & Tips

  • You only have to defeat the Boss Khadein and seize to beat this level. However, you should defeat Gharnef here to obtain Falchion, Anri's legendary sword. Without Falchion, the upcoming battle against Medeus will be much harder.
    If you choose to fight Gharnef, have one of your units carry Starlight, the Magic Tome you received from Gotoh. Starlight is a rank-C Magic Tome, so be sure the unit's weapon level is C or over.
  • Your army spawn in the southwestern corner of the map. Some enemy Mages and Thieves rush toward your troop immediately after the battle begins. There is a Floor-space between two Wall-spaces in the southern part. Put your Bishop on this Floor-space to wall your weaker units, then defeat all the enemy Mages and Thieves. Bishop has a high resistance stat, therefore your Bishop should be almost immune to enemy attacks. When enemy reinforcements arrive, kill them as well by your Bishop.
  • When the enemy reinforcements come no longer, proceed to the southeastern corner of the map to defeat Gharnef surrounded by a squad of Mages. This Gharnef is not the real Gharnef, so you can deal damage to him by whatever weapons.
  • Now it's time to proceed to the northern section. Go to the throne room via the long corridor that run from southwest to northeast. Then lure away and kill the enemies in the throne room one by one. Defeat the second counterfeit Gharnef.
  • The last Gharnef is the real one. You can defeat the real Gharnef only by Starlight. Attack Gharnef by Starlight until he dies.
  • Defeat the Boss Khadein. Seize and proceed to Chapter24 The Dragonkin Realm.