Chapter24 The Dragonkin Realm

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Chapter Info

Area Boss
Dolhr Xemcel (Manakete, Boss)


Characters you can recruit in this chapter.

Character Class How to Recruit
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Walkthrough & Tips

  • Marth's Falchion, the legendary sword you got from Gharnef in chapter23 is super-effective against enemy Manaketes. Be sure to have Marth equip Falchion and fight Manaketes.
  • Your army spawn in the northwestern corner. Immediately after the beginning of the battle, enemy soldiers come toward your troop from east and south. You have to deal with both of them.
  • There is an emeny Thief to the south of where you are at the beginning of the battle. The Thief heads to the treasure chest on top of the resurrection temple, the building at the south end of the map. It gets harder to kill the Thief if you let him slip away and head south.
    You should kill the Thief in the first turn by your Dracoknight. Have your Dracoknight equip the Hand Axe and carry the Lote's Shield. On your first phase, attack the Thief from two spaces away to the north using Hand Axe and kill him. Two enemy Snipers will attack your Dracoknight on the following enemy phase, but their attack bonus is negated by Lote's Shiled. Your Dracoknight will just receive the usual amount of damage from Snipers like other units.
  • Enemy reinforcements come hunt for your units from east and south. Defeat these enemies as you did before. Keep defeating enemies until the reinforcements come no longer. The last reinforcements appear at the end of the 49th turn.
  • Follow the moutain to the east, then go south and lure away two more Manaketes. Defeat them and go further down south, then kill a Curate. Now you should be in the southeastern corner of the map.
  • Go west and have all your units stay near the Temple of Resurrection. Lure two Manaketes and a Hero out of the castle and defeat them all. Have your Thief enter the temple to obtain the Aum from the treasure chest. Aum is a staff that can only be wielded by princesses, with which you can resurrect a fallen ally.
  • Head west from the Temple of Resurrection, then defeat a Bishop, a Curate, and a Manakete.
  • Reach the Boss, Xemcel, a Manakete who is a Magedragon. Defeat Xemcel and seize to proceed to Endgame Chosen by Fate.