Chapter22 The Knight-filled Sky

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Area Boss
Macedonian Fortress Michalis (Dracoknight, Boss)


Characters you can recruit in this chapter.

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Walkthrough & Tips

  • You have two things to complete in Chapter22. First you must visit the northeast village and meet Gotoh, then defeat the Boss, Macedonian King Michalis.
  • First you must visit the northeast village, which can only be done by Marth. Be sure to take Lightsphere and Starsphere to receive from Gotoh Starlight, a Magic tome by which you can penetrate Gharnef's Inhullu curse. If you don't bring both Lightsphere and Starsphere when you meet Gotoh, you can't receive Starlight. You can still beat the game even if you fail to receive Starlight here, but without this Magic Tome things get pretty harder.
    If you leave the village unattended for several turns, the enemies will arrive. The enemy Thief can destroy the village, so visit the village or kill the Thief before it gets destroyed. If you have difficulty getting hold of the village, send Marth by Warp to the village immediately after the fight begins. Then have Marth visit the village in the first turn, and come back to the main body of troop waiting in the southern part as quickly as possible before enemies can catch up with him.
  • Now you must defeat Michalis, but you can't get close to him easily. You must handle tons of enemy reinforcements from now on.
    Your army is initially deployed around the southeastern corner. Gather them up and go north, then stop halfway through the eastern path. All of your soldiers should stick together. Be sure none of your soldiers is left in the enemy range alone so that it gets attacked several times by the enemie soldiers in one turn. Keep fighting on the eastern path until the reinforcements come no longer.
  • There are six forts in the Macedonian fortress that spawn reinforcements. The third fort from the right end produces Mages that wield Swarm, a 3-10 range Magic. If you let this fort keep producing Mages, it means a lot of Swarm casters on the battlefield within a short while. Enemy Mages tend to attack the unit that is most vulnerable, which means if you let three or four of them roam around, one of your units can be killed every turn by consistent attacks from Swarm.
    But there is a good way you can get through with only one enemy Mage. Note that if an enemy Mage doesn't move from the fort that was produced, the next Mage can't appear. You can make this happen by intentionally putting a weak unit as decoy in the Mage's Swarm range. To make sure the Mage doesn't move from its fort, the decoy must be the weakest unit against Magic. Unless it is, the Mage moves from the fort to attack another weak unit by Swarm. Just be sure the decoy unit doesn't get killed by Swarm. Keep healing it every turn by Bishops.
  • When the enemy reinforcements come no longer, proceed to the north. Lure some Dracoknights and Peg knights that still remain in the fortress to the entrance of it and kill them. Then enter the fortress and kill the Swarm-wielding Mage.
  • Now it should be just Michalis and other two Curates that are left. You can't talk to Michalis by anybody, even by Minerva or Maria. Defeat Michalis and seize to proceed to Chapter23 Dark Pontifex.