Treasure Chests at Gittingham Palace

DQ9 tips. Collect items from the treasure chests at Gittingham Palace!

Blue Treasure Chests at Gittingham Palace

  • On your way exploring Gittingham Palace, you may have found a chamber with six treasure chests. Three of them are blue treasure chests, leaving the rest red.
  • Since blue treasure chests regenerate their contents once in a while, you can visit this treasure chamber every now and then to collect items. This three blue treasure chests are unlike the ones you can find in other areas, for they tend to contain very precious or useful items. After defeating King Godwyn, you can visit the treasure chamber safely because no monsters appear in Gittingham Palace anymore.
  • To visit the treasure chamber, first go left from the entrance and proceed until you find a staircase. Take stairs leading up to the second floor. When you come to the second floor, you can see six treasure chests downstairs through the crevice. Jump off from the edge of the abyss to land on the first floor. Now that you're in the treasure chamber, collect all the items from three blue treasure chests!

What You Find in Blue Treasure Chests

Below are what you can find in the blue treasure chests at Gittingham Palace.

Item Effect
Sage's elixir Restores more MP than Magic water does.
Yggdrasil leaf Resurrects a dead party member.
Gleeban Guinea Fetches 500G when sold at stores.
5000G Currency used in the DQ9 world.