Can't Reach Northeastern Island Near Cringle Coast?

If you have trouble getting to the northeastern island surrounded by rocks, look here.

How to Get to Islands Surrounded by Rocks

  • If you sailed around the world on your boat, perhaps you've noticed the island located at the northeast end on the World Map. You can't reach this island by ship because it's surrounded by rocks.
  • To visit this island, you first need to beat the game. Then visit Porth Llaffan to receive a Quest request "Follow this Fish" from Jona.
  • After transgressing this Quest, you obtain a Fygg. Eat it to get on Starflight. You receive Sterlin's whistle then, eventually getting hold of Starflight Express itself.
  • When you come into possession of Starflight, blow Sterlin's whistle to get aboard. Fly to the northeast island and land there. This is how you reach this island, as well as other islands surrounded by rocks, or other previously unreachable areas.