Mt. Ulbaruun

DQ9 Walkthrough - Mt. Ulbaruun walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • When you come to Mt. Ulbaruun, you'll find Batzorig nearby. Follow him to the west.
  • Find Batzorig in a cave, which contains his mother's grave. After Batzorig leaves, talk to his mother Bayarmaa.
  • Leave Bayarmaa's grave and go east until you reach Mt. Ulzuun.

After Defeating Larstastnaras

  • Visit Beyarmaa's grave at the west of Mt. Ulbaruun after defeating Larstastnaras.
  • Watch a scene. Batkhaan and Batzorig will leave.
  • Talk with Beyarmaa and she disappears. Obtain the Spirit Bracer by examining where Beyarmaa used to stand.
  • If you haven't obtained the Fygg at Swinedimple Academy, return to Hermany to visit the school.