DQ9 Walkthrough - Batsureg walkthrough, hints and guide.

On Your First Visit

  • Visit the Village Chief's yurt. Chief's yurt is located at the west end of village and built at the highest place.
  • Go into Cheif's yurt and watch a cutscene. Talk with Batkhaan, the village Chief, and Sarantsatsral. A monster invades the village.
  • Go out of Cheif's yurt to face the monster. The monster will just run away, so return to the yurt.
  • After some villagers take Batzorig, the Chief's son for hunting, Batkhaan asks you to help his son while he fights the monster.
  • Leave Batsureg to follow Batzorig. Head north in Iluugazer Plains to reach Hunter's Yurts.

After Handing Bedura Grass to Batzorig

  • Go to the open place at the center of the village. Watch a cutscene.
  • Defeat the Boss Larstastnaras. Obtain the Enchanted Ring after defeating the boss. Obtain the Fygg.
  • Sleep the night at the inn. Go out of the inn to see Batzorig has become the new Chief.
  • Leave Batsureg to visit Beyarmaa's grave in Mt. Ulbaruun.