Weaver's Peak (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Weaver's Peak in the Real World.


On Your First Visit

  • Head for Weaver's Peak at the northwest of the World Map. You can visit there via the ocean floor. Enter the mountain with ladders and climb the mountain to reach Weaver's Peak.
  • Just in front of Weaver's Peak, you'll notice Buddy talking with the real you. Go into Weaver's Peak.
  • Visit Tania's house at the northwest of the village. Talk to Tania, leave the house, then talk to Tania again.
  • Visit Mayor Spindell's residence. The other half of you will run off out of the village.
  • Find the other half of you just outside the village. When you talk to him, monsters appear at Weaver's Peak in search of you.
  • Defeat all the monsters in Weaver's Peak. There are ten pairs of monsters around the village. The monster species include Bad karmour, Berzorker, Boss troll, and Sintaur.
    You can leave Weaver's Peak to restore your HP and MP, then come back to fight the rest of monsters.
  • After defeating ten pairs of monsters, enter Tania's house to find a monster has invaded. Talk to the other half of yourself to reunite two of your selves. After the reunion, you will remember the spell Zap.
  • Defeat the boss Demon-at-arms.
  • Talk to Tania next morning. Leave Weaver's Peak and head for Somnia.