Sorceria (Dream World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Sorceria in the Dream World.

On Your First Visit

  • Sorceria is on an island in the Dream World. The island is located at the center of the southern ocean, at the same place where the Seabed Shrine should be in the Real World. You can visit Sorceria by the flying bed.
    You need Ashlynn to meet the Elderess, so make sure that Ashlynn is in your party.
  • Visit the house at the west of the town. The residents are an old couple Sorens, who made the Flying Carpet in their youth. However, the couple are fast asleep for that Sorceria had been sealed for so long.
  • Visit the Eldress Isnomor. Enter the large building at the north of the town, then go downstairs. Go upstairs by the northwest stairway. Go into the tower at the end of the pathway.
  • At the entrance of the Eldress' residence, glittering sand is spread all over the place. Transfer the Sand Urn, which you obtained at Seabed Shrine, to Ashlynn. When Ashlynn uses the Sand Urn, the magical sand will disappear for the moment.
  • Enter the central room where Eldress Isnomor has been waiting for Ashlynn. After talking with the Eldress Isnomor, Ashlynn learns a spell "Magic Burst". Magic Burst is said to be the most powerful spell in the world, and sucks all of the user's MP after a single use.
  • After the Eldress passes on, visit Sorens' house at the west of the town. The Sorens have awoken.

After Obtaining Plush Rug

  • Bring the Plush rug to Sorens in Sorceria. Sorens' house is located at the west of the town.
  • Show your Plush rug to the old man Sorens. He will cast a spell on it, and the Plush rug will turn into the Flying carpet.
  • After obtaining the Flying Carpet, you can fly around the world without the Flying Bed. Now you can fly across the oceans in the Real World.