Seabed Shrine (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Seabed Shrine in the Real World.


On Your First Visit

  • Go through the passageway on F1, B1, and B2. Go up the stairway at the end of B2 to find another stairway. Take this stairs and you'll find yourself back in the first room of the dungeon.
  • Step on the yellow panel on the floor. The water will run out as the floodgate opens up. Go into the entrance below.
  • You have to find some yellow panels to clear the path of water on this level. There is only one treasure chest on this level. The chest contains the Sand Urn, which will be necessary in the events after you defeat Gracos.
    If you had stepped onto the panel nearby, the treasure chest would be unreachable at the bottom of the water. In that case, you must find another panel that will release the treasure chest from the water. Go south from the sunken treasure chest and go down the stairway. Step on the panel and another floodgate will open, draining the water.
  • Go down the stairs at the end of the path. You will find Gracos in his throne room. Defeat Gracos and you will obtain the Gracos' trident.
  • Now that the world is clear of Gracos, a magical city Sorceria is freed from its imprisonment. Sorceria is on a southern island in the Dream World. The island is located at the same place where Seabed Shrine stands in the Real World.