Scrimsley (Real World)

DQ6 Walkthrough - Scrimsley in the Real World.


On Your First Visit

  • You don't have to visit Scrimsley on your travel. You can recruite Amos for your Party member, so visit here if you prefer to add him to your party.
  • Go east from Somnia and embark on the Providence. Sail to the northeast part of the ocean. Descend from the ship and go north to find a town named Scrimsley.
  • Visit the northwest house. Talk to Amos lying on the bed. When you go out of Amos's house, the dark is closing in.
  • Stay at the Inn for the night. You'll be awoken by the odd, earthquake-like sound. Take stairs at the back of the Inn and go out to find a monster dragon roaming about the town.
  • Jump down from the rooftop to reach the dragon and defeat it. After the ensuing events, you'll stay at the inn till morning.
  • When you leave the inn, talk to the innkeeper. He will inform you of the odd nature of Amos.
  • Visit Amos's house and talk to him. You can either tell the truth to Amos or not tell the truth. If you don't tell the truth at this point, Amos will later join your party. If you do tell the truth, Amos won't join you.
  • Leave Scrimsley and go northeast in search of the Seeds of reason. Enter the mountain with ladders.
  • At the mountain, you have to go through caves and cliffs to reach the summit. At the top of the mountain, examine the plant that is poking out of ground. The plant can actually speak and inform you of the hint about the Seeds of reason.
  • Examine the ground at the top of the mountain until you find the Seeds of reason. You'll find them somewhere on the ground near the speaking plant.
  • After obtaining the Seeds of reason, go back to Scrimsley. The following event differs depending on whether you've told Amos the truth about his nature or not.
    If you've told Amos the truth when you spoke with him the last time, Amos is no longer in Scrimsley and nowhere to be found.
    If you chose not to tell the truth, you can hand Amos the Seeds of reason. Amos will join your party.