Survival Area

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Explore Survival Area!

  • You receive TM Facade from the Black Belt living in the house at the southern end of the area.
  • It is said Gym Leaders often visit the house next to the Pokemon Center, yet you can't enter the place now.
  • Head east to appear in Route 226.
  • Once you reach Route 226, immediately walk north, then use Rock Climb to climb up the cliff. Walk west to appear in the upper section of Survival Area. There is a house where one of the Sinnoh Move Tutors lives. Bring Shards to have your Pokemon learn moves like Super Power and Fire Wave.

Visit Buck's Place!

  • After witnessing Charon get arrested at Stark Mountain, you find Barry and Buck in front of Buck's house in Survival Area.
  • Speak to Barry and Buck, then go into the house to find several Gym Leaders and other notable trainers gathered around. You can battle with those Gym Leaders and Pokemon Trainers every day. Trainers inside this house change daily, so be sure to visit this place every day if you want to battle with a specific Gym Leader or trainer.
  • Barry stays in front of Buck's house. Sometimes you can battle with Barry, and can only talk with him other times.

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