Stark Mountain

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Chase away Team Galactic!

  • You meet Buck, the younger brother of one of the Elite Four Flint, in front of the cavern in Stark Mountain. Buck asks you to see if Team Galactic is up to something.
  • Enter the cavern to meet Mars, Jupiter, and the other Commander. Defeat Mars and Jupiter to make them abandon Team Galactic. The other commander goes deeper into the cavern to obtain Heatran.
  • Head north to follow the members of Team Galactic. Proceed north through a narrow path after entering the second cave, and you meet Buck. Buck joins you and while he does so, he heals your Pokemon after every battle. You and Buck team up in Tag Battles, in which Buck uses Claydol.
  • Enter the room at the end of the path to meet Charon and other Galactic grunts. Get out of the cavern with Looker and Buck.
  • Buck leaves to put the magma stone back in the volcano. Go to Survival Area to meet Buck again.

Capture Heatran!

  • After metting Buck in Survival Area, return to Stark Mountain to explore the place alone. This time you can use your Bicycle and Rock Climb to take shortcuts. Go to the deepest chamber to meet Heatran.
  • Heatran has a pretty low catch rate, so keep throwing Poke Balls until one captures it. Note that Heatran lives in a cave, which makes it dark around when you battle it. It's time to make use of the Dusk Ball, as it has the highest catch rate of all the Poke Balls in a dark occasion.

Wild Pokemon List

Pokemon How to Meet
Camerupt Walk in cave
Golbat Walk in cave
Graveler Walk in cave
Koffing Walk in cave
Magcargo Walk in cave
Rhydon Walk in cave
Rhyhorn Walk in cave
Slugma Walk in cave
Weezing Walk in cave

Trainers List

Trainer Class Note
Ace Trainer Uses tough Pokemon
Bird Keeper Uses Flying-type Pokemon
Dragon Tamer Uses Dragon-type Pokemon
Psychic Uses Psychic-type or Ghost-type Pokemon
Veteran Uses tough Pokemon

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