Pokemon Square

PMD BRT Walkthrough - Pokemon Square walkthrough, Pokemon list, hints and guide.

Let's Visit Wigglytuff Club!

  • The next day you beat Mt. Steel, your partner Pokemon asks you to go visit Wigglytuff's Club. Go to Pokemon Square.
  • Wigglytuff Club is to the right of Felicity Bank. Talk to Wigglytuff and he gives away two areas to you for free.
  • After Magnemites leave, go west to watch a scene.
  • You can now use Makuhita Dojo located to the south of Pokemon Square to strengthen your rescue team members.
  • Take up some more rescue missions until one morning Team Meanies appear in front of your Team Base.

Ninetails' Tale!

  • The next day you beat Great Canyon, go to Pokemon Square and learn about a legendary tale of a Ninetails.
  • Visit Whiscash's Pond located to the north of Pokemon Square. Talk to Whiscash to hear details of the Ninetails' tale.
  • Return to Team Base and sleep a night to have a dream of Gardevoir. Wake up and meet your partner Pokemon. Go to Pokemon square again.
  • Everyone has gathered up round Gengar at Pokemon Square. Listen to Gengar's speech. Watch an ensuing event and leave Pokemon square. You return to Team Base with your partner Pokemon.

Rescue Team Returns!

  • After you beat Mt. Freeze Peak, come back to Pokemon Square. Watch a following scene.
  • Do some more rescue missions until one day Wynaut and Wobbuffet appear in front of your Team Base.

Shiftry Holds Meeting!

  • After a while since you renovated your Team Base, Shiftry holds a meeting at Pokemon Square.
  • Watch the event. Blastoise, Octillery and Golem leaves for underground to handle Groudon.
  • You can't leave for underground now. Complete some more rescue missions until there is a commotion at Pokemon Square. Go to Pokemon Square to watch a scene.
  • Talk to your partner Pokemon to sleep a night at Team Base. You meet Gardevoir in your dream. Next morning, head for Magma Cavern.

Xatu Sees Shooting Star!

  • After you beat Groudon at Magma Cavern, you come back to Pokemon Square with Alakazam's rescue team.
  • Watch the following event. Xatu talks to you by telepathy.
  • When you get ready to leave for next dungeon, talk to your partner Pokemon standing at Pokemon Square.
  • Sleep a night to have a dream. Meet Gardevoir in your dream.
  • Next morning, leave for Sky Tower. You'll be delivered to Hill of the Ancients first. Receive the Teleport Gem from Xatu and Alakazam.
  • Head for Sky Tower.

Time for Evolution!

  • After you beat the game, you wake up in your Team Base. Your partner Pokemon takes you to Pokemon Square.
  • Visit Whiscash Pond to meet newly evolved Granbull. Alakazam tells you about evolution.
  • Go back to Team Base, then try to leave for a dungeon by the south exit. Your partner Pokemon speaks to you. From now on, you can delegate any Pokemon as rescue team leader.
  • Visit a friend Pokemon in a friend area, and make it your team's leader. As it becomes leader of the team, you (the Hero Pokemon) will be sent to a friend area. Visit yourself and make yourself leader again.
  • Return to Pokemon Square, then go to Whiscash Pond. Make any other Pokemon in your team Stand By via menu. Enter Luminous Cave to have yourself evolved. However, if you are a certain Pokemon like Eevee, you need a special item to go through evolution.

Set Out for Stormy Sea!

  • After you visit Luminous Cave, go to your Team Base. Talk with Medicham strolling around outside.
  • Return to Pokemon Square. Talk to Lombre to learn about a new dungeon.
  • Visit Whiscash in his pond. Whiscash tells you about Stormy Sea and Solar Cave. Receive a Hidden Machine, Dive.
  • Have either Hidden Machine Dive or a Team member who learned Dive. Head for Stormy Sea.

Find Out Fiery Field!

  • After you beat Solar Cave for your first time, beat Solar Cave some more times. Then visit Pokemon Square to find it rather empty. Most Pokemon gathered around the plaza have left.
  • Talk with Bellsprout, then try to go to Pelipper Office. Watch a cutscene. You take Spinda to your Team Base.
  • As Spinda leaves, your partner Pokemon receives the Clear Wing from Spinda. Clear Wing is no ordinary item. Although it doesn't appear in your item menu, you are meant to have the Clear Wing with you.
  • Visit Great Canyon and beat the dungeon to meet Xatu. When you reach Hill of the Ancients, Xatu enables you to visit Fiery Field.
  • Go back to Team Base, then head for Fiery Field.

Spinda Sets Out!

  • After you beat Mt. Faraway, meet Spinda at the north of Pokemon Square. Tell Spinda about the mirage Pokemon Ho-Oh. Spinda leaves Pokemon Square and sets off on a journey.

Buried Relic Research Begins!

  • After you beat Northwind Field, you receive a Pokemon News letter from Pelipper, saying that Buried Relic was discovered. Go to Pokemon Square.
  • Talk to Shiftry standing at the north of Pokemon Square. You gain access to Buried Relic.
  • Head for Buried Relic.

Track Down Thief!

  • One day while sleeping at night, you feel the ground tremble. After an ensuing event, you go back to sleep again. Next morning, your partner Pokemon takes you to Pokemon Square.
  • Listen to Kecleon's story. After the following conversation, you gain access to Northern Range.
  • Head for Northern Range.

Liberate Latias!

  • After taking Latios to Pokemon Square, watch a following scene. You gain access to Pitfall Valley.
  • Head for Pitfall Valley.

Latias and Latios join you!

  • When you bring Latias back to Latios, the two join your rescue team.
  • Latias and Latios are waiting to join your adventure at the Friend Area Southern Island.

Find Smeargle in Howling Forest!

  • After you obtain the Friend Area Sky Blue Plains, you can accept a rescue mission from Smeargle posted on the bulletin board at Pelipper Post Office. You can't buy Sky Blue Plains at Wigglytuff Friend Club, but you must beat a certain rescue mission to receive the Friend Area for reward.
  • You read a letter from Smeargle with your partner Pokemon in front of the bulletin board.
  • Leave for Howling Forest.

Medicham and Ekans' Wish!

  • One day Medicham and Ekans appear in front of Whiscash's Pond. Listen to their conversation.
  • Visit Wishcash's Pond the next day. Listen to Medicham and Ekans again.
  • Go to Wishcash's Pond yet again the next day. This time, Ekans is alone in front of the pond. Talk to Ekans.
  • Check the Bulletin Board at Pelipper's Post Office on the next day. Accept the rescue mission from Medicham. Read a letter from Medicham.
  • Head for Wish Cave.