Forest Sanctuary

Zelda ST Walkthrough - Forest Sanctuary in Forest Realm.


On Your First Visit

  • Activate the orb on a ledge by throwing the bomb near the orb at it. While you're waiting for the bomb to explode, go fetch another bomb and wait in front of the orb. After the orb is activated, you can go across the bridge that momentarily appears. Run across the bridge, but be sure to keep holding the bomb. Throw the bomb at the blocks to the west to get rid of them.
  • You'll be in a place surrounded by statues. Examine the sign at the center of the place, then draw a line between two statues that are facing each other. The wall to the north will open.
  • Go into the sanctuary to meet the Lokomo sage Gage. Play a song to restore more tracks in the Forest Realm. You play the Spirit Flute, while Gage plays his cello. When the song is played well, the tracks to Forest Temple will be restored.
  • Head for Forest Temple via newly restored tracks.