Beat 7th day

TWEWY Walkthrough - The 7th day (Beat) walkthrough, hints and guide.

Scramble Crossing

  • You wake up at Scramble Crossing. Watch a cutscene.
  • Go to Station Underpass via Statue of Hachiko and West Exit Bus Terminal.

Station Underpass

  • You can't fight the Reaper standing at the middle point of the area.
  • Proceed to Shibuya River by the east exit.

Trail of the sinner

  • Go east and proceed to Rubicon.


  • Talk to Minamimoto and watch a cutscene.
  • Defeat the Boss, Konishi.
    First Konishi appears in the upper screen, so you must do some damage to her by Beat. Use both ground and midair attacks to effectively hit Konishi. At the same time, have Neku defeat Noise monsters in the lower screen.
    After dealing a certain points of damage to Konishi, you lose all of your pins. (Pins are returned to you after battle) From now on, you can't heal yourself until you beat Konishi, so make sure you receive the least amount of damage. Have Beat fight Konishi while Neku dodges attacks from Noise.
    After a while, Neku gets Rhyme's Pin. Tap Noise monsters to activate the psych. If you touch the correct monster, it turns into Konishi. Tap Konishi to do more damage.
  • After defeating Konishi, watch a cutscene and proceed to Trail of the Bygone.

Trail of the Bygone

  • You meet Shiki halfway to the exit.
  • Go to Dead God's Pad.

Dead God's Pad

  • You meet the Conducter, Megumi in this quarter. Defeat the Boss, Megumi and Shiki.
  • Watch a cutscene. Scan the area to find a hidden door. Touch it to proceed to Trail of the Judged alone.

Trail of the Judged

  • Equip your best Pins like Rhyme or the ones you obtained in Shibuya River.
  • Go to Room of Reckoning.

Room of Reckoning

  • Watch a cutscene. Defeat the Boss, Conductor Megumi. First you fight with Shiki, then with Beat.
  • Watch another cutscene. Defeat the final Boss, Megumi (Dragon forme).
    Megumi has Shiki, Joshua, and Beat captured in his arms. At first you must fight alone. When a cutscene occurs, look at the character who called Neku in the upper screen. There is an arrow on the orange bubble in which the character is captured. Press +control pad in the direction that matches the arrow, and the character sends Neku a light puck. This makes battle go easier.
  • Watch a cutscene. Proceed to the ending.