Beat 2nd day

TWEWY Walkthrough - The 2nd day (Beat) walkthrough, hints and guide.

Scramble Crossing

  • Wake up at Scramble Crossing. Watch a cutscene. Meet Game Master Konishi.
  • Go to Statue of Hachiko if you want to get a pin from Pig Noise.

Statue of Hachiko

  • There is a Pig Noise symbol near the center of the area. Defeat three pigs in time to get a pin.
  • You can explore West Exit Bus Terminal and Station Underpass, though there's nothing notable for now.
  • Return to Scramble Crossing, then proceed to 104 Building by the north exit.

104 Building

  • You can't proceed to Shibukyu Main Store from 104 Building this time. Go to Dogenzaka by the top-left exit.


  • Go west and leave this area by the west exit to appear in A-East.


  • 777 is standing in front of Concert Hall. Talk to 777 to engage him in battle. Defeat 777. Receive the Lv2 Keypin from 777.
  • 777 goes into Concert Hall. Follow 777.

Concert Hall

  • Find !!! symbol at the center of the dark area. Examine it and watch a cutscene. Defeat the Boss Noise.
    While the Boss Noise monster is swimming under the floor, Neku can't attack it properly. Let Beat do his work and do damage to Noise, and have Neku wait until the Boss plunge from underground. While the Boss monster is in midair, Neku and Beat can both attack it.
  • Watch an ensuing scene and proceed to Beat the 3rd day.