Another day

TWEWY Walkthrough - Another day walkthrough, hints and guide.

Sign Up for Tin Pin Contest

  • You wake up at Scramble Crossing. You're going to participate in Tin Pin Slammer contest at Molco.
  • You can meet characters from the main story. They are scattered throughout Shibuya. Some of them plays Tin Pin with you.
    The table below provides information on the characters you can meet on Another Day.
    Character Location What he/she does
    Shiki Scramble Crossing Plays Tin Pin
    Joshua Udagawa Back Streets Just Talks
    Futoshi Dogenzaka Plays Tin Pin
    Sota 104 Building Plays Tin Pin
    Nao-Nao Spain Hill Plays Tin Pin
    Boss Tipsy Tose Hall Just talks
    Mick Cadoi City Plays Tin Pin
    Ai Shibukyu Dept. Store Plays Tin Pin
    Minamimoto Miyashita Park Underpass Just stands
    Megumi Towa Records Just talks
  • You get a box which contains an item required for one of today's quests by examining !!! symbol at the top-right corner of Concert Hall. Concert Hall is an area adjacent to A-East.
  • You find a Pig Noise symbol at the east end of Cat Street. You need a specific Pin to defeat this pig.
  • Enter Molco building. After registration, you must win twice in preliminary.
  • You can't proceed to finals at this point. Watch a cutscene. Go to Ramen Don, a Ramen restaurant alongside Dogenzaka.

Form Kindred Spirits

  • Visit Ramen Don and watch a cutscene. Meet up with Shooter, Shiki, Joshua, and Beat.
  • You can practice Tin Pin with many Slammers scattered around Shibuya. The table below shows where you can find those characters who play Tin Pin. You get a pin if you win the battle.
    Character Location What he/she does
    Prince A-East Plays Tin Pin
    Pin Prof. Concert Hall Plays Tin Pin
    Shibukyu Main Store schoolgirl Plays Tin Pin
    104 Building Nao-Nao Plays Tin Pin
    Statue of Hachiko Ai Plays Tin Pin
    West Exit Bus Terminal Futoshi Plays Tin Pin
    Center St. Entrance Yammer Plays Tin Pin
    Center St. Entrance Konishi Plays Tin Pin
    Tipsy Tose Hall Boss Plays Tin Pin
    Shibu-Q Heads Sota Plays Tin Pin
    Udagawa Back Streets Megumi Kitaniji Plays Tin Pin
    Molco Makoto Plays Tin Pin
    Miyashita Park Rhyme Joins you
    Dead God's Pad Vice Wizard of Pin Plays Tin Pin
  • Visit Wildkat, Mr. Hanekoma's cafe alongside Cat Street. Watch a cutscene.
  • Return to Miyashita Park Underpass to meet Higashizawa. Watch an ensuing scene. Rhyme leaves with Higashizawa.
  • Visit Ramen Don again. Watch a cutscene. Go back to Miyashita Park.
  • You must fight all members of Black Skull in a row. Joshua fights a man in black hood, Beat fights Rhyme, Shiki fights Uzuki, Neku fights Koki, and Shooter fights Higashizawa respectively. Although it's you, the player who actually do the battle in place of them.
  • Watch a cutscene. Leave for Molco.
  • You meet Shooter on the road leading to Cadoi City. Speak to Shooter to engage him in Tin Pin Slam-off battle.
  • Leave Molco, then immediately come back to this area. You find Wizard of Tin Pin near the place Shooter used to stand. Talk to him to play him in Tin Pin.
  • After you play Tin Pin with Wizard of Tin Pin, Kindred Spirits members disperse to somewhere. You are on your own again.

Pork City

  • Enter Pork City to find CAT. Follow him into the building. In order to proceed to the second floor, you must defeat all of the Noise symbols on the first floor. When you defeat all the red symbols, a Pig Noise symbol appears in front of the right elevator. Defeat it to free this area from Noise.
    Note that no pins work on 1F but Pins by Mus Rattus brand and those unbranded.

Shibuya River

  • You can go to Shibuya River on another day. First enter Shibuya River by Station Underpass, then proceed until you reach Dead God's Pad.
    Note: you can't enter Shibuya River unless you're with members of Kindred Spirits. Be sure to visit Shibuya River before you part with them at Miyashita Park.
  • At Dead God's Pad, scan the area to find a hidden door. Touch the door to proceed to Trails of the Judged. Go to Room of Reckoning.
  • Meet another Joshua at Room of Reckoning. You can fight the final boss.