What is Secret Report?

TWEWY Walkthrough - After beating the game, you can collect Secret Reports to further understand TWEWY story!

About Secret Reports

  • After you beat this game, you find yourself in Room of Reckoning, unable to get out. You can never get out of this room, but you can revisit places by using your Phone. Touch your Phone icon, then touch "Chapter" to browse through all the chapters you've been through. Touch a chapter to delve into the story.
  • When you select a chapter, you can see required Quests. Each chapter has its Quests respectively. If you beat all the Quests in a chapter, a Secret Report corresponding to the chapter is revealed on chapter menu. You must touch the icon next to the title of the chapter to read the Secret Report.
  • By collecting Secret Reports, you can further understand TWEWY story. Secret Reports will also give some clues to the still unanswered questions about the story. Collect all of the Secret Reports!