Shiki 7th day

TWEWY Walkthrough - The 7th day (Shiki) walkthrough, hints and guide.

Scramble Crossing

  • You wake up at Scramble Crossing. Today's mission is to defeat the Game Master on the freeway.
  • Go to Statue of Hachiko by the southwest exit.

Statue of Hachiko

  • Visit Shibukyu Stationside. It's a department store to the west of Statue of Hachiko.

Shibukyu Stationside

  • This department store contains three stores:
    Fine jewelers Pavo Real Stationside, an accessory shop
    Accessory heaven KuraKura, an accessory shop
    Burger shop Sunshine Stationside, a fast food restaurant
  • Remember everything in KuraKura, so that you can easily answer Reaper's quiz later on.
  • Return to Scramble Crossing.

Scramble Crossing

  • A Reaper is standing at the northeast of Scramble Crossing, in front of the entrance to Center St. Entrance. Speak to the Reaper, then answer three questions and make no mistake. The answers are like "Yuu Naomi", "Slash across Neku", and "Hip Snake". When you answer them correctly, the Reaper lets you pass.
  • You can visit Center St. Entrance by the exit which has opened just now. You can go across Center St. Entrance, AMX, Tipsy Tose Hall, Spain Hill, Molco, Cadei City, Towa Records, and Shibukyu Dept. Store. Visit wherever you need to.
  • To go to 104 Building, you must show an item to the Reaper guarding the entrance to 104. To go directly to Shibukyu Dept. Store, you need to show a Pin named Natural Magnum to the guard Reaper.
    To obtain Natural Magnum, first you must buy Happy Beam at KuraKura. KuraKura is an accessory shop that tenants Shibukyu Stationside, the department store to the west of Statue of Hachiko. When you get Happy Beam, let it accumulate enough PP so that it can evolve into Natural Magnum.
  • When you are ready to fight the Boss Noise, go to West Exit Bus Terminal via Statue of Hachiko. You must win a three-chain battle to get rid of the wall before West Exit Bus Terminal.

West Exit Bus Terminal

  • Halfway through West Exit Bus Terminal, there stands a Reaper. Defeat the Boss Noise the Reaper summons.
  • Go to Station Underpass.

Station Underpass

  • Watch a cutscene. Get ready to fight the Game Master, then leave this area by the east exit.
  • Meet Game Master Higashizawa. Defeat the Boss, Game Master.
  • Watch a cutscene. Proceed to Joshua The 1st Day.