Battle Tower

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Battle Frontier Battle Tower Guide

  • Battle Tower is one of the facilities in Battle Frontier. Your purpose at Battle Tower is keep winning as long as possible.
  • You receive some BP every time you build a 7-game winning streak. When you enter the battle room, try to keep winning until you win 7 times in succession, because you don't receive BP if you lose before you defeat the seventh opponents. Gain more BP by continuing the winning streak.
  • Make sure to save after every battle. When you want to suspend the game, just quit after saving. In case you leave without saving, you get disqualified and have to start all over again from the beginning.
  • There are four different rules as follows; Single Battle; Double Battle; Multi Battle; ;Wi-Fi Battle. Single Battle and Double Battle go like they did in the game.
    Before Multi Battle, you must choose whether you play with your friend via DS Wireless Connection or an NPC. If you choose to play with NPC, you enter the waiting room in which NPC trainers are getting ready for the battle. You must choose your partner among Buck, Cheryl, Marley, Mira, and Riley. Speak to each of them to learn what kind of Pokemon they use this time, then choose the trainer who has the Pokemon best matches your team.
    In Wi-Fi Battle, you can fight trainers from all over the world via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

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