Battle Hall

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Battle Frontier Battle Hall Guide

  • Battle Hall is one of the five facilities located in Battle Frontier. In Battle Hall, you use only one Pokemon at a time. Let your winning streak alive till you win seven times in a row to receive some BP.
  • You can choose which type of Pokemon the opponent uses. However, the rank of the type goes up when you beat a Pokemon with that type. The higher the rank goes up, the tougher the opponent Pokemon will be. So consider this before immediately choosing the same type over and over again, just check the rank before you battle and see if you can handle it.
    If you use, say, Water-type Pokemon, you'd assume you can win with ease if you choose Fire-type, Rock-type, or maybe Ground-type Pokemon as your opponent. However, as the type rank gets higher, Fire-type opponent may use Grass-type moves to hit your Water-type partner super-effectively. In the higher rank, even fully-evolved Pokemon might appear as your opponent, which makes it harder to win the match.
    If you want to make a 7-game winning streak as little difficulty as possible, you should choose some, not one, of the types which your Pokemon has type advantage against. This way, you have both type advantage and low-ranked, weaker opponents.
  • Try to build the best record you can. You can see how many times you've won in succession by examining the monitor at the gate to the hall. Each time you make a 7 times winning streak, you can actually change your Pokemon. You can't change the species of Pokemon you use as the guide says, but you can use different Pokemon of the same species, with different move sets, items, natures, or differently EV-trained.
    For instance, if you use Water-type Pokemon and has to fight against Electric-type Pokemon this time, choose the one with Ground-type moves to kill Electric-type Pokemon. Having your Pokemon hold Wacan Berry, which weakens Electric-type moves is also recommended.

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