Pitfall Valley

PMD BRT Walkthrough - Pitfall Valley walkthrough, Pokemon list, hints and guide.


  • Proceed to 25F to find Latios' sister, Latias.
  • Watch out for traps even in corridors. In Pitfall Valley, you may encounter traps and stairs in corridors.
  • After rescuing Latias, get out to return to Pokemon Square.

Pokemon List

Species of Pokemon you encounter in Pitfall Valley.

Pokemon Type
Aerodactyl Rock/Flying
Doduo Normal/Flying
Farfetch'd Normal/Flying
Furret Normal
Hoppip Grass/Flying
Ledian Bug/Flying
Ledyba Bug/Flying
Pidgeot Normal/Flying
Raticate Normal
Scyther Bug/Flying
Skiploom Grass/Flying
Swablu Normal/Flying
Swellow Normal/Flying
Yanma Bug/Flying