Frosty Forest

PMD BRT Walkthrough - Frosty Forest walkthrough, Pokemon list, hints and guide.


  • You can take stored items, or store the items you've been carrying by examining the Kangaskhan statue at the entrance of the dungeon.
  • You can choose your next dungeon between Frosty Forest and Snow Path. However, you must choose Frosty Forest to get to the Boss of this area. Snow Path only loops around, and at the end you just come back to the entrance.
  • Go into the Frosty Forest dungeon and climb up until you appear at Forest Clearing.
  • You can save when you examine the Kangaskhan statue at Forest Clearing. After saving, go into Frosty Grotto.

Pokemon List

Species of Pokemon you encounter in Frosty Forest.

Pokemon Type
Azurill Normal
Ditto Normal
Furret Normal
Lairon Steel/Rock
Mightyena Dark
Nosepass Rock
Piloswine Ice/Ground
Rhyhorn Ground/Rock
Snorunt Ice