Far-off Sea

PMD BRT Walkthrough - Far-off Sea walkthrough, Pokemon list, hints and guide.


  • You must have either Hidden Machine Dive in your Tool Box or a Pokemon who learned Dive in your party.
  • You can befriend mainly with water-type Pokemon in Far-off Sea.
  • There's no Boss Pokemon in Far-off Sea. Proceed until you reach B70F and exit. Far-off Sea is a very long dungeon, so be sure to have plenty supply of Max Elixirs and food items.
  • Watch out for Lapras, because it uses Perish Song. When a team member hears Lapras' Perish Song, it dies within several turns unless Lapras is defeated or you move to the next floor.

Pokemon List

Species of Pokemon you encounter in Far-off Sea.

Pokemon Type
Carvanha Water/Dark
Clamperl Water
Dewgong Water/Ice
Dratini Dragon
Kingdra Water/Dragon
Kingler Water
Krabby Water
Lapras Water/Ice
Luvdisc Water
Octillery Water
Omanyte Rock/Water
Omaster Rock/Water
Seadra Water
Sealeo Ice/Water
Seel Water
Sharpedo Water/Dark
Shelder Water
Slowbro Water/Psychic
Slowking Water/Psychic
Slowpoke Water/Psychic
Spheal Water
Starmie Water/Psychic
Wailmer Water
Wailord Water
Walrein Ice/Water